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What is Molly’s Fund?


Our Mission

Our Vision

Our Focus

Our History

Our Outreach and Advocacy

Our Fundraising Efforts


Our Mission

Our mission is to EDUCATE the public and to INFORM the medical community about lupus, to ADVOCATE for earlier life-saving diagnosis, to SUPPORT people living with lupus and to COLLABORATE with government and foundations to fund research toward a cure.


Our Vision

torey and boardMolly’s Fund Fighting Lupus is a nonprofit organization that is changing the way the healthcare community, pharmaceutical companies, governmental agencies, the general public and those living with lupus understand the disease, its diagnosis and its treatment.  We want those living with lupus to know that they are not alone; we are here to support them and we are dedicated to making a difference. We want those affected by lupus to know they are well supported and understood. Our programs, outreach, education, marketing and advocacy strategies are designed to assist people with lupus seek and receive early diagnosis and treatment. Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus wants to see the mortality rate for the disease decrease and to ultimately find a cure. Back to top


Our Focus

  • To transform lupus into a widely recognized and treatable disease,
  • Conduct major awareness campaigns about the disease and its effects
  • Attract political, public and individual support in the form of more research and resource dollars, in the fight against lupus, and
  • Maintain and advance services and programs for those living with lupus  

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Our History

One morning in March of early 2005, Molly woke, stood up, and passed out, falling to the floor. She had multiple infections and was placed on a heavy regimen of antibiotics and other medications. A month later, the infections returned. It was clear that her ability to fulfill her opera commitments were thwarted by her health.  

This began her two-year odyssey in search of answers to her prolonged and frequent infections.  After seeing several doctors, a friend referred her to a specialist at UCLA. There, she ended up seeing nine department heads and finally a rheumatologist. The doctor performed a DNA screen that revealed a genetic mutation that, coupled with her symptoms, revealed that she had lupus.

What became apparent upon diagnosis, however, was what little information and support was out there for people like her.  That is when her family and closest friends united to form Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus in 2007.   Since then, it has been Molly’s focus and passion to educate people about lupus, spur the medical community to recognize lupus and it’s symptoms, and to put more time and resources into reaching early diagnoses, and into ultimately finding a cure. Back to top

Our Outreach and Advocacy

We are dedicated to the continual outreach and advocacy on behalf of those living with lupus, beginning with our partnerships with healthcare professionals, corporate/industry leaders and allied nonprofit organizations.

We aim to attract and procure public and political support for more research dollars in the fight against lupus, which will lead to earlier diagnosis, better treatments and medications, and to finding a cure.

Our actions include:

MFFL volunteers L handsClient Assistance – We provide direct emergency financial assistance and long-term solutions for those living with lupus in our community.

Online Support Groups – We offer those without access to a local group, or anyone who wants additional support, an avenue to connect and chat live with lupus professionals, advocates and members of the larger lupus support community.

On Ground Support Groups – No one should fight lupus alone.  By building a network of support groups, we provide a way for those living with lupus to share, be heard and learn from each other.  

Advocacy and Awareness – Through our educational symposiums, social media, and community outreach, we are raising understanding and awareness for lupus.  

Finding the Molly’s Fund downtown support group in Portland has been such a meaningful and helpful thing in my life.  I feel normal with this group and very supported.” – Margie, Molly’s Fund Portland Support Group

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Our Fundraising Efforts

butterfly walkMolly’s Fund Fighting Lupus dedicates the majority of the dollars raised to programs and outreach. Fundraising efforts have continued to increase as we have aligned with major corporations, individuals, and foundations who now are joining us in the fight, by both giving funds and participating in outreach and support efforts.

Two of our largest fundraising events – the Serving Up Style campaign and the Butterfly Walk – directly fund our client assistance program, as well as help us raise awareness of lupus, to continue our mission and vision for earlier diagnosis, support and advocacy on behalf of those with lupus. More than 20,000 people in the Portland and Southwest Washington area attend our events over the course of each year.

Our Serving Up Style campaign is one of our most exciting events this year!  This year, we have modified it in an exciting new way.    It is a four-course meal of events!  It started with the “appetizer” kick-off event at Tony Starlight, the second course “From my table” allows individuals to host their own fundraising dinners in the comfort of their own home, and the main dish features 6 Macy’s windows and 9 Portland designers who will be transforming windows to reflect  “American Icons: People and Places.”  You will be wowed when you see the downtown windows June 17- July 8th.  

For more information on our Serving Up Style events, please visit our Serving up Style Facebook page or our website

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Article by : Kelli Roseta

Kelli Roseta is the Client Services Coordinator for Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus and facilitates the patient and caregiver support groups. She is also a 26-year lupus survivor. Connect with Kelli at [email protected].