Lupus Symposiums and Webinars


We welcome you to our online series of lupus (and autoimmune conditions) webinars! Join us as we hear from lupus experts, doctors, nutritionists, and patients, and learn more about living healthily with lupus and other autoimmune conditions together.

What is a webinar?

A webinar is an interactive virtual presentation that takes place over the internet! We invite expert guest speakers to give a presentation in their field of expertise, and answer any questions you may have. You can submit questions for the speakers ahead of time when you register, or during the webinar itself. Our webinars are free and open to the public!

How do I join?

Next to an upcoming webinar you will see a link to register. Click on that link, and after registering you will receive an email with all the information you will need to join on the day it is streamed! If you missed a webinar, or want to view past webinars, they will all be recorded an available here for you to watch whenever you would like.  


Upcoming Symposiums and Webinars:

We have yet to decide the topic for our next webinar, but stay tuned! Email [email protected] if you would like to speak at the next webinar, or if you would like be contacted when it becomes available!

Past Symposiums:


Lupus Through the Looking Glass

Living with Lupus Patient Symposium

20 Nutrition Tips for Lupus and Autoimmune Conditions

Dr. Thomas’ “Lupus Secrets”


Lupus Through the Looking Glass:

Our recent Lupus Through the Looking Glass Symposium is now online and available free of charge as a service of Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus. Learn about:

Nisha Desai, MD and Aestheticians Helen Carey and Brenda Kay will be discussing cutting edge approaches to dealing with the aesthetic ramifications of lupus.


Living with Lupus Patient Symposium

Our recent Living with Lupus Patient Symposium is now online and available free of charge as a service of Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus. Learn about pediatric lupus from Dr. Andrew Lasky, Pediatric Rheumatologist with Legacy’s Randall Children’s Hospital at Legacy Emanuel. Hear from Dr. Edie Vickers, Clinic Director at An Hao Natural Healthcare Clinic, on natural strategies for coping with lupus. Finally, BJ Cavnor, Executive Director of 1-in-4 Chronic Health talks about legislation affecting lupus patients.


20 Nutrition Tips for Lupus and Autoimmune Conditions Symposium 

We are proud to bring you this webinar called 20 Nutrition Tips for Lupus and Autoimmune Conditions featuring the expertise of Dr. Stacey Bzowy and Tami Stackelhouse.  Click here for a summary of Tami’s Nutrition Tips Handout!

About the Speakers:

Dr. Stacey Bzowy

Owner, Riverstone Integrative Medicine

StaceyBxoweybw-webDr. Stacey Bzowy is a licensed naturopathic physician and the owner of Riverstone Integrative Medicine located in Tualatin, Oregon. Living with lupus for over 17 years led Dr. Bzowy to dedicate her practice to treating chronic diseases utilizing both conventional and naturopathic therapies. Stacey celebrates her good health with kayaking, hiking with her dog, Violet and educating others on how to achieve optimal health.  


Tami Stackelhouse

Certified Health Coach and Co-Leader of the Fibromyalgia-ME/CFS Support Center, Inc.

tami_stackelhouse 230x266 Tami Stackelhouse encourages hope and healing for fibromyalgia and ME/CFS patients as a coach, advocate, and co-founder of the Fibromyalgia-ME/CFS Support Center, Inc. A fibromyalgia patient herself, Tami has gone from disabled to thriving. Her compassion, gentle support, and fun coaching style help chronically fabulous patients take control of their lives.    


Dr. Thomas’ “Lupus Secrets” 

Rheumatologist Dr. Thomas came to speak at our Lupus and Autoimmune Conditions Patient Forum for patients and caregivers to share with all of us his most important and little-known tips for living with Lupus. He shared with us 28 “Lupus Secrets”, which along with a video of the forum, you can find on our blog!

About the Speaker:

Dr. Donald Thomas

Board-certified rheumatologist at the Arthritis and Pain Associates of P.G. County in Maryland

Dr.-Thomas-25-x377-72dpi-webDr. Thomas is a rheumatologist with a particular interest in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) and treats all forms of arthritis, systemic autoimmune diseases and metabolic bone diseases. He is also the author of The Lupus Encyclopedia.          



Comments? Would you like to speak at our next webinar? Email us at [email protected]!