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10 Tips for Parents Living With Chronic Disease

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom / Parenting When Living With a Chronic Illness Being a parent, while of course filled with immeasurable joy most of the time, comes with its fair share of challenges and trials. ...

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Invisible Illness: “But you look so good.”

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom /  What is an Invisible Illness? Have you ever seen someone park in a handicap spot and look  perfectly healthy as they step out of the car? You wonder, “They’re not disabled, ...

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Dealing With a Lupus Depression: How Do You Cope?

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom /    Dealing with a Lupus Depression: How do you cope?  Because lupus can force you to make adjustments in your life and any change is not always easy, it is understandable how ...