We could not be more pleased or honored to have Shari Rowe on our very first EP to help raise lupus awareness across the globe! Her song “Invincible” is powerful, encouraging, inspirational and will help Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus bring lupus…

“Out of the Shadows and Into the Light”

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Listen to a snippet of Shari’s song, Invincible below!

Meet Shari

Shari Rowe“In learning about Molly’s Fund, a few things were clear from the start;  Molly McCabe and her team truly have compassion for people, and a genuine passion to fight for those battling lupus. I have always believed that music has the potential to serve a purpose that goes beyond entertainment. Having “Invincible” included on this EP gives me an opportunity to bring hope and encouragement to those struggling with this disease, and creates a platform for me to partner with Molly’s Fund in raising public awareness. I consider it an honor to join the effort in bringing lupus out of the shadows and into the light!” ~ Shari 

With a tongue in cheek, down-to-earth approachability, Shari speaks to all those going through the frustrations of everyday life,  encouraging them not to give up on themselves, to overcome, and to be strong. She sings for the average, hard-working person, for the person who wants to turn up the radio and find themselves in a song. She sings for the adventurers,  the outdoor lovers, the families, and the passionates who are out to live life to its fullest.

Shari sings for people like herself. “I come from a blue collar worker family,” says Shari. “My mom knew how to stretch a food budget and make the best meals out of nothing. I really like the fact that I grew up not having a lot when it came to material things, because I love being able to relate to people where they’re at. Doing without has built my faith. I don’t want to lose touch of where I’ve come from. I think that’s why I am able to appreciate small moments.”

Shari grew up in a big family where music was as much of a mainstay as the home cooked food her mom served each night for dinner. “Some of my best memories growing up were of spending time with my family, celebrating holidays and going camping. The nights always ended with a camp fire, which inevitably led to singing, trying to find harmonies with each other and getting goose bumps when it came together just right.”

Shari RoweShari doesn’t stop at offering understanding. With a strength she’s built over a lifetime, she inspires her fans to persevere through the hard times. “I’ve been through a lot in my life and singing “Invincible” I feel empowered. I want to be able to convey that strength to the people listening at my concerts or on the radio,” says Shari. “I believe there’s something in these songs that goes beyond the tangible to reach people’s souls and touch their lives to convey strength and hope.”

Shari’s artistic journey began early. Microphone in hand since age four, Shari’s ridden a wave of a mounting musical momentum that has helped her narrow down who she is as an artist. From her grade school days in choir to singing with her family in church, Shari’s found her way into her niche. While the journey has grown both her voice and her soul, she’s candidly admits that making this country album has been like coming home for her.  “I feel like I’ve come full circle. The essence of who I am is that kid at the camp fire making music. That reflects who I am. When I was little doing those things, it just felt right. I think as artists, we sometimes over complicate things. Along the way, I’ve explored other genres, but interestingly there were always people who said ‘you’ve got kind of a country flavor.’ I am finally settling into who I really am…this (album) has been definitely my favorite recording experience. It feels, in so many ways, like it’s a true reflection of me. While it’s been a lot of work writing and rewriting and arranging; it’s been the easiest project we’ve ever done. It just flows naturally. I don’t have to over think this one. I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to share a project. I can’t wait for people to hear this.”

While the music means everything to her, it’s not the only thing driving her passion behind this album release. Shari longs to give to her fans what Martina McBride, Miranda Lambert and her other country music favorites have given her….music to do life to. Songs to cry with, laugh with and love with. Shari’s found strength in music. It’s the same strength and faith that has gotten her through life’s challenges that she wants to pass on to her fans. “I love to make people feel good; but I’ve always believed music is more than that. I feel like I’m MADE to do this. It’s more than an idea or a project. It’s who I am.” Releasing this new album means being able to bring her music to the people who need music and faith to get through their own journeys.

“There are layers and layers to life. Everybody has those. To take all those layers of good and bad and form them into a song that can reach someone where they are at is a privilege for me.” concludes Shari.

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