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We would like to announce Molly’s Fund’s newest program,

One in Four Chronic Health!

The One in Four Chronic Health mission is to be a voice for patients living with chronic health conditions. We do this through, education, advocacy, and policy at the local, state, and federal levels on issues such as health care access, treatment and medications.


Advocate Photo for the WebsiteOne in Four Americans is living with a chronic health condition.  These conditions include, but are not limited to: arthritis, asthma, diabetes, heart disease, stroke, cancer, HIV, hepatitis, autoimmune conditions and mental illness.

We were founded in the spring of 2013 with the goal of giving a voice to people living with chronic health conditions in Oregon and Washington. We recognized the need for a chronic healthcare collaborative, a single organization coordinating with our partners, to ensure access to treatment and medication and help create good health care policy.

One in Four

One in Four is the descendant of the Northwest Patient Education Network, which was created in June of 2012 by BJ Cavnor.

One in Four is a program of Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus bringing BJ’s decades of leadership and personal experience of living with, or being impacted by chronic health conditions.

Watch this video to learn more about our programs, and hear BJ talk about One in Four Chronic Health!

Chronic Illness by the Numbers

Everyone has a story to tell, we help you to find your voice.

To contact BJ Cavnor, please email him at [email protected] or visit the One in Four webstite at