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Media Madness!

One year ago Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus was instrumental in getting the State of Oregon to recognize lupus as a devastating disease that affects thousands in the Northwest, and millions world wide.  Our efforts along with the Women’s Health Alliance and State Senator Rosenbaum,  got Oregon to recognize May as Lupus Awareness Month!  One year later, and months of fundraising, we launched our first ever lupus awareness campaign in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  Our goal was to reach 1 million people in the Northwest, and we accomplished it!  Now, hundreds of thousands around the Northwest have a better understanding of what those with lupus go through… here are some of our other activities we performed this month:

On May 1st we launched a press conference at the Bing Lounge with our broadcast partner – Alpha Broadcasting.  We had a packed house, received great media coverage and interviews, plus Molly, Nicole and Jaime introduced their brand new children’s book – The Fairy and the Wolf.

A comprehensive media campaign was launched in Portland, Seattle and Boise with radio spots featuring those with the disease – brave women who told their stories.  The spots have generated tremendous feedback.
We also started an aggressive social media campaign on Facebook, and to date, we have added more than 3,000 people to our site with lupus or know someone with lupus!
Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus recorded a compelling and emotional TV spot that is currently running in Portland, Seattle and Boise as well. It features those affected by the disease, and gave some startling and compelling facts. Visit  AM Northwest to watch!
Our print partner – The Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers created a special insert section, “Alliance Kicks off Lupus Awareness Month”, that went to thousands. Plus they did interviews, wrote stories, and promoted Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus online as well.
24-7 Press Release also posted an article “As Lupus Awareness Month Approaches…Reminder for Early Diagnosis” featuring Molly’s Fund and Lupus Awareness Month.
On May 10th, we held a candlelight vigil to honor those who have lost their battle to lupus.  This emotional night was then changed to joy as we lit the Morrison bridge in the teal of Molly’s Fund, honoring everyone with the disease, their families, friends and loved ones.
On May 19th we helped sponsor an educational event  – Learning about Benlysta – one of the first drugs on the market for lupus in almost 50 years.
Finally on May 20th, we held our first ever walk to raise funds!  Butterflies in the Park: A walk for Lupus Awareness was a huge success.  Hundreds attended, and we made so many new friends.


Molly’s Night Out

Speaking of fundraising, we enlisted several local companies to help raise money for lupus – Krispy Kreme and Fuddruckers have both stepped up to raise money, and we applaud them for their efforts.

All in all it was a Lupus Awareness Month that we have been dreaming about and it came true.  Thank you to all those who helped, volunteered, told their stories, and brought lupus out of the dark and into the light of awareness!



Article by : Molly McCabe