Lupus and Children

I was diagnosed with Lupus in early 2005 and went through a lot of trouble getting to that diagnosis. I had a great doctor who finally sat down and sent me to see every specialist the hospital had. I saw 2 ENT’s, a cardiologist, 2 infectious disease specialists (just because the test said I didn’t have mono, they still want to run it again, ugh!), an allergist, an ophthalmologist, an endocrinologist, naturopath and then finally a rheumatologist who knew in 2 minutes that I had fibromyalgia and a week later knew for certain that I had lupus. It was exhausting just getting to the diagnosis. What I didn’t realize is that the diagnosis was only the beginning.

“Life is beautiful music; some high notes, some low notes, but beautiful just the same.”

I know that when I learned I had Lupus, my first reaction was, “Thank God I finally know what is making me sick”. My second reaction was, “What’s Lupus?” I would imagine that’s what a lot of us feel like. I was so confused about what the diagnosis meant and what I could do about it. My doctor didn’t really explain what Lupus was, she just wrote out a prescription for Plaquenil, told me it wouldn’t work for six months and to come back and see her next month. My mind started racing a mile a minute to try and recall anything I’d ever heard about Lupus. Unfortunately, the only thing I could remember was a movie from back in the eighties with Christine Lahti and Matthew Modine, in which the main character died of Lupus at the end. Of course, I know now that the odds of that happening are very small, but for a few weeks, I was certainly panicked.

I’d be lying if I said that it does n’t still hit me every once in a while that my life has made a big change, but I don’t think it has to be for the worse. Things are different, but they are also better at the same time. I have a fabulous family that is so good to me. I have an incredibly supportive group of friends who not only help me out when I need it, but are also good at helping me stay healthy and not push myself too far. I hope that you all have the same and are enjoying a pain free day! Take care!!

Article by : Molly McCabe