Dental Drama

Anyone who has ever struggled from a root canal is going to sympathize with this story!  As a follow up to my last blog about how my medications were affecting my teeth, let me tell you a tale!!! About two weeks ago, I had my first appointment with the endodontic.  He explained that he was fixing the top root canal today and then we would start the other two next time.  First root canal, no big deal, it was in the front, easy to access and barely had to hold my mouth open.  Round two, not so much!

The next tooth we worked on was the very back last molar.  First off, they isolate the tooth with this plastic covering so nothing gets in the way, but what they don’t mention is that every time they put pressure on the plastic or stretch it out, it causes a friction burn on your lip.  After all the numbing shots, that was by far the worst part of the procedure.  He got half way through the back tooth and said we needed to let the inflammation go down, so I should come back in two weeks. The next day challenged what even I, a lupus patient, considered pain  My jaw was so sore it could barely open after being help open for two hours the day before and four days later while I was out of town, the tooth got so sore, that I was putting orajel on the dang thing every fifteen minutes.   A happy trip this does not make. I went back into the dentist as soon as I got home and he told me we just had to adjust my bite.  My question is, if all we had to do was adjust my bite for it to stop hurting, why didn’t you do that the first time?? Finally, I went back yesterday to finish up the back tooth and start the front one that still hadn’t been started.  They called to let me know that the dentist was running late, could I come in a half hour later?  I easily agreed since I would much rather wait in the comfort of my own home than in a waiting room.  I got there and he was still forty-five minutes behind when he finally came in and numbed me up.  I am sad to say that it took him another forty-five minutes for him to come back and because of that they had to numb me again during the treatment because he had taken so long. When he finished up the back tooth it was three hours after my appointment time.  He decided that he couldn’t start the front tooth because he was exhausted and his shoulder was hurting.  I have to admit I wasn’t all that interested in his pain at the moment because my mouth was throbbing. I go up front to make sure my appointment is still at the same time I had already booked it for a month ago and they tell me someone else has taken my time slot and they don’t know when they are going to fit me in, but they will give me a call.  Does anyone else feel like calling me a sucker?  I sure feel like one that’s for sure. How far is too far for a dentist or doctor to go before you start looking for someone else?? That’s enough of my whining for one blog!  I hope you are all staying healthy and pain-free and I highly suggest seeing your dentist more often so you don’t end up in my shoes!!!  🙂

Article by : Molly McCabe