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Due to the efforts of Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, in 2010, Oregon joined other states in recognizing the debilitating and painful disease of lupus – and now May is officially Lupus Awareness Month in Oregon.  

World Lupus Day

May 10

Join us in participating in the 14th annual observance of World Lupus Day. Lupus is a global health problem which knows no boundaries. It affects all nationalities, races, ethnicities and genders. To support World Lupus Awareness Day, wear teal and purple, and post your pictures on the Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus Facebook page. Be sure to use #MollysFund #FightingLupus and #WorldLupusDay on your posts.

World Lupus Day

Lighting of the Morrison Bridge

May 10 – 13

Molly’s Funding Fighting Lupus has worked in partnership with the Willamette Light Brigade to bring awareness to those living with lupus. The Morrison Bridge in Portland, Oregon will shimmer in radiant teal and purple to reflect Lupus Awareness Month in May and World Lupus Day on May 10. Teal is the official color of Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, and the bridge lighting honors those living with lupus.

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6th Annual Butterfly Walk

May 13

Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus hosted the 6th Annual Butterfly Walk on May 13, 2017 at Oaks Park in Portland, Oregon. This fabulously fun 1k to 3k route was an inspiring opportunity to unite as a community in celebration of individuals and families living with lupus. With your participation and support, you helped Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus in our ability to provide critical programs to those living with lupus. Every step you took was personal. 

Together, we are helping to ensure no one has to face this disease alone. 

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All Month Long

Be sure to check back on all of the Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus social media platforms for new memes and hashtags to bring increased awareness to lupus during the month of May. Share it! Like It! Retweet it! Help us to spread the word about lupus and to ensure that no one has to face this disease alone.