Molly’s Fund, Alliance for Lupus Research and the Hospital for Special Surgery are teaming up for a live lupus Facebook chat.  

NewLupusAndGeneralHealthFB2014 Expert Panelists Lupus and General Health Facebook Chat with details

In February, Hospital for Special SurgeryMolly’s Fund Fighting for Lupus, and Alliance for Lupus Research hosted a Facebook chat on Lupus and General Health. Participants asked many questions, but our room full of experts could only answer as much as they could during the one-hour live event. We categorized the remaining questions, and will run a series on our experts’ answers over the next month. For our first installment, rheumatologist Dr. Kyriakos Kirou, answers questions on treatment and neurology. 

Read the blog transcript by clicking on this link: Lupus and Treatment: Lupus and neurology questions answered.