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Mixed Connective Tissue Disease: MCTD Explained

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom / Contents: What is a connective tissue disease? What is MCTD? What are some signs and symptoms of MCTD? How is it diagnosed? What is the cause of MCTD and can it be prevented? ...

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“Lupus Secrets”: Lupus information you need to know

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom /   We were so incredibly impressed by the “Lupus Secrets” that Dr. Donald Thomas shared with Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, our patients and caregivers at our Lupus and ...

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Sjogren’s Syndrome: What you need to know

POSTED BY Frances Ku / Contents: What is Sjögren’s syndrome? Who develops Sjögren’s? How are lupus and Sjögren’s related? What causes Sjögren’s? What are the Signs and Symptoms? How is it diagnosed? ...