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“Lupus Secrets”: Lupus information you need to know

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom /   We were so incredibly impressed by the “Lupus Secrets” that Dr. Donald Thomas shared with Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus, our patients and caregivers at our Lupus and ...

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Lupus Disease: Life Expectancy

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom / When diagnosed with any disease, the concerns and questions about what this means for your future, your quality of life, and your prognosis (predicting the outcome of the ...

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Lupus Flares: Recognizing one, triggers, and prevention

POSTED BY Karrie Sundbom / What is lupus?  Systemic lupus erythematosus is a very long name for a very complicated disease that is more commonly known as SLE or lupus.  Lupus is a widespread and chronic ...