Butterflies in the Vineyard

 Jess shaved

Jess getting shavedWhat: Butterflies in the Vineyard: A ‘pay to shave’ fundraiser for Jessica Hanaghan as well as other lupus patients in her area and around the country. 

When:  1/26/2014 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm -This event already took place but fundraising efforts will continue through March!

Where: Compadres Rio Grille (map link)      Event has already taken place but you can still help raise funds!

“It is about taking control of our lupus loss instead of letting lupus control us. One of the many symptoms we suffer from is hair loss. To support these lupus patients, we want to show that there can be beautiful baldies everywhere… This is how the idea came about to have a ‘pay to shave’ event.” ~Jessica

Click here to go to the event fundraising page for Butterflies in the Vineyard

Jess 400x330People can donate money to ‘Butterflies in the Vineyard’ via this website link, and by doing so, in return, they are paying to shave her head. They are also more than welcome to easily create their own page at the above link and encourage their own fundraising efforts. 

Monies donated will go directly to Molly’s Fund Fighting Lupus and support the programs and services they offer to lupus patients and their families. 

Our goal is to have more ‘beautiful baldies’ everywhere. This is more of a virtual event, however the last weekend of the month, will be our ‘butterflies in the vineyard’ where the head shaving will occur. Because we are here in the beautiful Napa Valley, our Butterflies in the vineyard event took place at Compadres Rio Grille in Napa, California. We will be accepting donations through March.